outta hand
Silent Authority - Life Sentence
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"Just seen as thugs in the eyes of police.

Profiled, arrested brought to their knees.

Herded into prison working for free.

Modern day slaves of the elite “

D-Beat hardcore punk from Florida. 

Kickturn - Intro/Social Parasite
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Kickturn- Intro/Social Parasite

Groovy shit.

miss this band 

which phobia album should i listen to first

Strange question to get but Cruel I guess

Old woman at the chipotle right now with a tattoo on her arm that says “F U” going vertically with “fuck” and “you” tattooed way smaller next to each letter. So badass

Waiting in this long ass line at Broward college feels like I’ve been sentenced to purgatory

The Marked Men - Going Crazy
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I think I’m goin’ crazy